Drug Crimes


Defense Strategies in Florida Drug Crimes Cases

As a life long defense attorney, I understand the techniques and strategies used to prosecute drug crimes. I will examine the facts of your case in great detail and often find things that others may have missed.

The evidence is one of the many details I routinely challenge and investigate. This includes your initial contact with law enforcement, the arrest, where the drugs were found, whose drugs were confiscated, whether or not the drugs were obtained under a valid prescription, the police behavior and procedures, and several other aspects.

Drug crime cases can be complicated…If you fail to seek the help of a drug crime attorney, you could be setting yourself up for failure. A few initial questions should always be asked:

  • Did The Police Take Your Statement?
  • Were The Drugs Tested By The Arresting Officer?
  • Were Your Rights Violated During The Arrest?
  • Were You Offered A Chance To Cooperate With Law Enforcement?
  • Can You Negotiate A Plea Deal For A Better Resolution?

By filing motions to suppress and arguing that law enforcement violated your rights, I may be able to get the charges dropped. In cases where the charges are more severe and my client is facing years in prison, my experience as a drug trial lawyer may be able to negotiate away minimum mandatories and prison sentences.