What do other lawyers says about me


“Go to Lawyer! I had the privilege of working a difficult case with Terrence. Diligent, prepared and aggressive, he did his client right!! If you are searching for a criminal attorney...go no further..he is the MAN” R.P.

“He is a zealous advocate and outstanding criminal defense lawyer. “ M.M.

“He is a consummate professional who is thoroughly versed in both the law and procedure” M.H.

“Mr. O'Sullivan is a highly skilled, extremely qualified criminal practitioner who is well respected by the judges, both in Federal and State Courts.” H.R.

“For those cases that are resolved by plea bargain, Terrence gets phenomenal results. For those cases that proceed to a jury trial, I have witnessed the tremendous skills Terrence has, and, most importantly, the great results he gets for his clients. He is a top-notch criminal defense and one who "goes to the mat" for everyone he represents.” P.D.

“I have known Terrence O'Sullivan for almost fifteen years now. A peer in law school and a colleague at the Public Defender's office, I have seen Terrence grow into a truly dedicated, astute, professional and aggressive defense lawyer. I can say this in all honesty because I actually tried his first case with him. I do not hesitate to refer clients to Terrence or ask him to co-counsel matters with me because I know the clients will be getting top service from a top attorney.” M.H.

“I had the unique opportunity to work with Mr. O'Sullivan as opposing counsel and also as a fellow criminal defense attorney. He works very hard on his client's behalf and has the utmost integrity when he works with opposing counsel. He knows the law very well and always advises his clients accordingly.” C.P.